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About Us
About Us

Our Mission Here At Thomas Class Painters Is To Bring Color And
Design Together.

We Want Clients To Find And Match Their Home’s Identity.

I, Joseph Thomas, the founder and owner of Thomas Class Painters have been painting professionally for 7 years. Now there are some painters that have been painting for 10 yrs, 20 yrs, or even 30 yrs. But the amount of years someone has been painting doesn’t define that person as a skilled or professional painter.

What it boils down to is the kind of habits that painters have adopted. Good habits increase the quality of work being done. Bad habits decrease the quality of work being done. I’m not going to give a long lecture on everything a good painter practices or should practice, but I am going to point out, as someone who is a painter, I believe it is always worth it to go the extra mile for the client.

It’s not about just slapping paint on a wall, it’s about bringing the room together so that the walls, trim, window frames, and furniture compliment each other. It’s that extra step to make a room pop and feel right. Some colors work well together and some just don’t. Thomas Class Painters is here to help and by help, we mean exceed expectations.